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Is it time for nuclear fusion now? // A Conversation with a Nuclear Fusion Expert 
Join 4-Good Ventures founder Dave Welch in a conversation with the nuclear expert and CEO of TAE, Michl Binderbauer, on Friday, July 15th at 11 a.m. (PT) to discuss the near future for nuclear fusion.

Fusion is the holy grail of energy generation for our clean-tech future. The dream of fusion is an unlimited power source with no greenhouse gases or radioactive waste, and scientists have spent whole careers trying to unlock the secret of nuclear fusion. Is the time now? Binderbauer is an expert in advanced beam-driven field-reversed configurations and non-radioactive aneutronic fusion systems, two key differentiators in TAE’s approach to fusion power.

Over the last two decades, Binderbauer has established TAE as an industry leader in the field of fusion and expanded its portfolio to include power management solutions for electric mobility, grid storage, and efficiency. Before becoming CEO, Binderbauer was the company’s research and development program architect and spearheaded a partnership with Google to apply machine learning and AI technology to fusion research.




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